8 Must-Have Items for the Royal Wedding Obsessed

You didn’t get an invitation, but your kitchen doesn’t have to know that. Here are eight finds (some more outrageous than others) to deck out your kitchen for the upcoming royal wedding.

  1. Royal Wedding Tea Towel, $16 at BBC Shop: Apparently tea towels are a traditional British way to commemorate special occasions — and it doesn’t get much more special than this wedding! Note: This item is currently backordered but we’re hoping it comes back in stock before the big day.
  2. Royal Heritage Decorative Wedding Plate, $15: This six-inch plate is made from fine china and is just begging to be propped up on a shelf or hung on a wall.
  3. Royal Wedding Official Commemorative Mug, £25 at Royal Collection Shop: Part of the official commemorative china collection, this pattern also comes in a plate, tea towel, cookie tin, and more.
  4. Prince Harry and Meghan Cupcake Toppers, $5 at Jazzdoodles: Throwing a party to watch the royal wedding? Then you’ll need to download and print out these oh-so-cute cupcake toppers. Even if you’re not serving cupcakes, you can stick them in cheese wedges or just use them as big pieces of confetti.
  5. Wooden Spoon, $17 at SquirrelPigeonFish: Only slightly ridiculous, this 12-inch beechwood spoon is laser engraved so the couple’s photos will last no matter how much you stir things up.
  6. Milly Green Royal Wedding Cookie Tin, $27 at BBC Shop: This tin, which you can save as a keepsake, comes full of triple chocolate chip cookies and ginger cookies. Or should we be calling them biscuits?
  7. Royal Wedding Slate Collection, $37 at PlattersSlate: If you’re really serious about celebrating the happy couple (and cheese), then this slate board is for you.
  8. Royal Wedding Tea, $7.50 at Harney & Sons: This tea — a blend of Chinese mutan white tea buds, almonds, coconut, vanilla, and more — was brought back especially for Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

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